Bom bom bom, shake your pom pom (banner)

I’ve been seeing these everywhere recently, selling for actual money! Why oh why would you buy one when they are so easy to make? Pom poms were a staple make when I was a girl guide, so please forgive me if by telling you how to make them I’m stating the obvious.

I used some of the old yarn I had knocking around in my basket. A red colour, a glittery purple and a lovely bluey, greeny, purpley one. I used fairly thin yarn, thicker stuff works as well but your pom pom is just a bit more chunky with fewer fluffy bits (official term). I think if I were to do this again, I’d probably go with brighter colours but I’m on a self-inflicted yarn buying ban at the moment so my old scraps did the job.

I bought this nifty little pom pom maker from ASDA for only £2, but cardboard works just as well. I’ve even seen people make them on forks and small embroidery hoops too. It’s a whole magical world of pom pom creation.

You’ll need to cut out two identical circles dependant on what size you want your pom pom to be. Then make a whole through the middle by driving a pencil through. Widen it with File_000.jpegscissors so you have enough room to wrap your yarn.

Knot your wool through the centre and around the outside of your circle. Pull the knot
around so that it is on the inside of the circle. Continue to wrap your wool through the centre and around the outside until the whole circle is full.

Pull back the wool so your circle is exposed, cut in-between the two circles and pull them apart just slightly. Tie a knot in-between the two circles and then pull them off. You have a pom pom!

File_003.jpegI’ve made two different sizes to jazz up the banner a bit but feel free to make whatever combination you like. Thread a long piece of wool through a wide eyed needle and thread it through the pom poms. Initially, I thought I’d have to tie knots either side to hold the pom poms in place but it turns out they are pretty static.

Andddd then you’re done! Tie a loop in the end and pin it up or stick it up with white tack if you’re constrained by the whole wanting-your-deposit-back-on-your-flat thing.

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