Hello Interweb!

I’m Emily Bishton, bookworm, communications person, Gilmore Girls super fan and keen crafter. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages now, but to quote my lovely friend Skye ‘every twat has a blog these days’.

This is so true, especially for craft blogs. The internet is chocca full of them, but here’s another! I am by no means a craft Einstein, I make a lot of mistakes and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve sobbed over my machine many a time. I just love being able to create stuff exactly how I want it and, as my lovely boyfriend will tell you, I seem to have a talent for filling our tiny flat with STUFF.

Upcycling, knitting, sewing, cross stitching, basically anything to do with fabric, paint, yarn or thread. I love it all! Except for crochet, I just can’t seem to get my head around it. Someone please, please teach me.

So this will be a collection of my favourite makes and other craft related things. Laugh with me, cry with me. Let me do all the tearing my hair out in frustration so you don’t have to.

Big love and enjoy!

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