Upcycle your dolls! – Tree Change style

I used to be in to dolls in a big way. I’m talking Barbie dream house, sports car, Bratz cafe, the whole shabang. I thought they were gorgeous and glamorous and I wanted to be just like them when I grew up.

But why oh why do the dolls we give to kids have to be plastered with makeup and dressed in clothes that your mother would never let you go out in? I’m all for anyone being able to wear what they want, however long or short. I just think it’s important that girls know there is more than one way to feel pretty.

This is why I think Tree Change Dolls are so fantastic. They are upcycled dolls by artist Sonia Singh. She takes old Bratz and Barbies and breathes new, fresh, understated life into them and she wants you to do it too.

On her blog she offers video tutorials on how to repaint the dolls, knitting patterns for the clothes and if you can’t be bothered to do that it yourself, she sells the dolls on Esty too. And just when you thought the story couldn’t get any cuter, the beautiful knitted clothes are made by her mum (awwww)!

They don’t look like they’re heading ‘to da club’ with huge outlined lips and layers on contrasting eyeshadow (come on Bratz, blend please). They look like a regular girls and I love that. Because realistically no one can be like a Bratz doll when they grow up, at the very least those shoes would cripple your feet.

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