My dramatic pouffe making Monday

So I bought another craft book, shocker I know. This one is called the Makery by Kate Smith and it’s brilliant. After a quick twitter search I found that she runs a little craft café in Bath so if anyone is ever in that area please go check it out for me.

As I’m obsessed with filling my tiny flat with things I don’t strictly need, something to obstruct the floor space was next on the agenda. Cue the lovely patchwork pouffe from the Makery book. I had great fun buying fabric in lots of different patterns and textures. Normally I use a lot of cotton so I decided to push the boat out and buy some velvet and some cord type fabric as well. My beautiful purple velvet and herb patterned material was from Higgs & Higgs and the others I picked up at Ditto Fabric in North Laine during my birthday trip to Brighton.


The Makery has a massive pull out of all the patterns from the book in the back. Thank you Kate Smith, that was very helpful. I just traced the long crescent shape using baking paper because I’m too tight and lazy to go out and buy actual tracing paper. Then I just pinned down my traced pattern piece on each of my fabrics and got snipping.

file_004I’m so pleased with how it turned out and the initial structural sewing was really simple. Just a machine straight stitch all the crescents together, next to a zig-zag for extra strength. But the stuffing…oh boy the stuffing, was significantly more complicated.

The pattern says you needed 2kg of stuffing (!?) which seemed like loads to me, so when I went to Hobbycraft I spied some polystyrene balls which were cheaper and in bigger bags than the toy stuffing. Always the bargain hunter, I plumped for them instead.


Mistake. Big mistake. Polystyrene balls are a nightmare, why did no one tell me?! Tried to stuff my pouffe, they went everywhere. Tried to move my pouffe, they went everywhere. Trying to breathe near it was also an apparent no go. The balls made the sewing the buttons through the middle to create that lovely doughnut shape really difficult as well. When it got to stuffing the last bits, I just couldn’t face looking at those tiny squidgy things anymore so I topped up the extra with some spare toy stuffing.

All in all, it probably would have been better to follow the pattern, when will I ever learn? However, I actually really like the squidgy-bally texture (real word, honest) and I just can’t regret my massive craft related saving.

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