The things you can do with one ball of yarn…and a little bit of another ball

I really wanted to start this blog by saying LOOK AT THE AMAZING WINTER ACCESSORIES YOU CAN KNIT WITH ONE BIG BALL OF YARN, but unfortunately I think it probably took a little bit more than just one ball. But still, look how pretty they are! (Also, can we all appreciate that I’ve had to take a load of selfies for this post. Not my favourite thing to do,  so you’re all welcome).

Granted I say this a lot, but I have fallen in love with the Marble Chunky Yarn from Hobbycraft. The colours are just soooooo pretty and it’s part of the 3 for 2 offer, which I am heartbroken to learn ends on Sunday (6th November).


The scarf is a super easy infinity scarf in a combination of moss and garter stitch. Moss stitch is hands down my favourite stitch. It takes a little longer than the traditional garter but I just think the texture is lovely. I added some short areas of garter in to breakup the pattern a bit but feel free to just moss the whole thing if you fancy.

1.) Using 5.5inch needles, cast on 25 stitches.

2.) Start your moss/seed stitch by knitting 1, then purling 1 until the end of the row.

3.) Start your second row with a purl 1 knit 1 and repeat to the end of the row.

4.) Continue with your moss stitch, starting the rows off with alternate knits and purls until your knit measures 10 inches.

5.) Now it’s time to switch up your stitches. Knit garter stitch until your garter section measures 3.5 inches.

6.) Continue with your moss stitch until your section measures 10 inches.

7.) Then, you’ve guessed it! Knit 3.5inches of garter stitch.

8.) My scarf has 4 moss sections and 4 garter, but you can add more if you’d like a bit more length. Just don’t forget to end at the end of a garter section so your pattern runs all the way around. Cast off and then sew up your ends with embroidery stitch.

I was so pleasheadband-croppeded when I found Ewe Ewe’s knitted headband pattern because I am one of those people that really doesn’t have a hat head but still needs to keep their ears warm (come on unable-to-wear-hatters, I know you’re out there). Normally I do a bit of editing to the patterns I use, but this one was perfect so no customisation was necessary.

I used the same 5.5inch needles that I used for the scarf and it was a great opportunity to get my cable needle out again. This pattern is honestly SO SIMPLE and would be a really great project for those wanting to try a cable pattern for the first time. Well done Ewe Ewe, give it a go guys!


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