Shout out to my girls…and to Simply Knitting

I’m in a major craft frenzy at the moment, so many projects started.. so few finished and the looming but festive threat of Christmas isn’t helping either.

I’ve deduced thgirlsat the main crux of my crafting problem is my monthly subscription to Simply Knitting, gifted to me by my lovely friends. Little did they know when they thought up this lovely, thoughtful birthday gift that they would be creating a craft monster.

Every single issue is just bloody fantastic and stuffed full of brilliant patterns, helpfully labelled as Easy to knit,  Improve your skills and Take on a challenge. Or as I fondly think of them – Yeah okay then, Only when really concentrating/not watching telly and Give up there’s no point only Gran’s could do it.

I find lots of knitting patterns to be quite unwearable (like really, who is going to wear a knitted yoga tank top – real pattern, I’ve seen it). But all of the patterns in Simply Knitting are beautiful and brilliantly creative. Each magazine also comes with a ton of other free stuff, often another magazine of patterns and a free gift. I’m half way through the Elf decoration free gift and I’m so excited to start on that octopus.

So really it’s no use trying to resist as every month a big fat packet of temptation comes through my door. I love Simply Knit magazine and I would definitely recommend it to any knitting fans out there. The sad thing is that isn’t even an ad, I just really really like it. Shout out to my girls for such a brilliant birthday present!

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