I designed my own cross stitch *hold all applause please*

My lovely friend Hannah got engaged last month (cue loads of screaming and crying from me and the rest of my friends). She’s also just bought her first home with her FIANCÉ Grant so she definitely deserved something crafty.

I love my subversive cross stitch book, but I felt that the ‘you’re a twat patterns’ weren’t really appropriate for such a momentous occasion. So I *drum roll* designed my own! Now I know for some people this would be no big deal, but I am terrible at maths and cross stitching can sometimes involve a lot of counting.

I did their names AND the date of their engagement AND a ring, which involved A LOT of numbers and measuring. I also had real trouble getting everything center aligned, it was really inconvenient of Hannah and Grant to have names that are NOT the same length (cheers guys). Just a little fact for everyone, finding the center of a A is pretty tough.

file_0002I drew everything up on the grid in the back of the subversive cross stitch book, but you can also print out your own or just use a small grid. The book also has a alphabet of letters which are really easy to copy. Getting design right on paper is really important, then stitching should be a breeze. Unless you do what I did, which was get the date wrong and have to correct it on the actual design. I actually found the simple border the most difficult to do. I couldn’t copy any of the patterns as the proportions weren’t right, so it took me a couple of goes to get the crosses in the right order.

It was really satisfying stitching and now I’ve designed my own pattern once, it doesn’t seem so scary. I’m so pleased I made something for Hannah and Grant’s new home, congratulations guys! (wipes away tears)

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