Do you want to craft a snow man?

Christmas is a time for crafts but much of my December has been take up by knitting THE HARDEST HAT IN THE WORLD which *should* be ready soon. But this snowman was a perfect quick Christmas craft to save me from my hat related craft frustration.

What you’ll need:

White yarn

Black yarn

Glue gun

Buttons, ribbon and beads (and that’s literally it – super quick make!)

To start you’ll need to make two white pom poms. I have a very nifty pom pom maker from Hobbycraft so I used the 5.5cm one for the head and the 7cm one for the body. Make the smaller pom pom first and secure it round the middle with white yarn. Leave your ends (the ends of the bit of yarn you use to secure your pom pom) long, don’t cut them to blend in with the rest of the pom pom.

Now make your bigger one, securing round the middle it with both black and white yarn. Again, leave both of these long. To attach your two pom poms together, tie the long ends of white yarn together in tight knots. Then snip off the excess so there are no long bits. Your snowman now has a body! Take the your black ends and cut to the desired length to make your snowman’s little arms.

Tie your ribbon around his/her neck (I have some festive silver ribbon – cheers for that Gran!) and then heat up your glue gun and get sticking. I used two buttons for the chest, one for his/her nose and some long beads for the mouth and eyes. But go crazy, use whatever you have. It was quite tricky to secure some of the smaller bits because obviously a pom pom is not a smooth surface but persevere, it can be done. Now you have a cute pom pom snowman! Yay! CHRISTMASSSSS!



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