Tom’s hard hat… that actually turned out to be not that bad

This hat has been like an old friend to me, because it’s been around sooooo long. I made the mistake of asking Tom to pick out a pattern for his winter hat and he decided to pick my most challenging knit yet.

This is my first dual coloured patterned hat and I’m really proud of how it turned out, but it did take me several frustrating goes to get it right. And Tom’s head stretches out the pattern a little, but I feel like I have to forgive him that. I used a pattern from Simply Knitting (obvs) and I only made a few minor changes, mainly because I was so terrified of getting it wrong.

When I first saw the pattern it looked SO confusing. It was in a grid…A GRID. Grids generally stress me out because they remind me of GCSE maths and COUNTING. On the first couple of rows the following the pattern was pretty simple, however when I got further up into the dreaded crosses I started to get a bit confused and seriously messed up. Cue lots of frustrated signing and the both painful and satisfying moment of pulling your beautiful knit off the needles (sob).

On my second go I cracked out the stationary. I marked which end of the grid I was starting at which made it much easier to see where I was. I also got post its involved which genuinely revolutionised my pattern reading. I covered up the rows I wasn’t working on which stopped all the little boxes blurring into one and completely saved my sanity.

I reduced a little bit faster than the pattern suggested because the top looked quite baggy and Tom wanted it snug to his (massive) head. There was a really scary moment on my last decrease when I left the hat on the floor to go and make tea and Jet the dog pulled off the first four stitches so TWO ROWS dropped. But I was very brave and did not cry. Kudos to my Gran for saving it for me! I also added a pom pom because I just think they’re cute. Although I think this one might be a little small for the hat, let me know what you think.

It was so satisfying to make because it just looked so pretty on the needles, so I would thoroughly encourage you to try pattern knitting. It’s not that scary, I promise!


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