Stitch yo’self

This is probably one of the easiest and most satisfying makes I’ve ever done. Why did no one tell personalised cross stitch was so easy!? Stating the obvious, but it’s literally just crosses and look how cool it can look! And coming from someone whose been very pattern heavy, doing your own personal designs isn’t as scary as it might appear.

I’ve been upping my Pinterest game recently and i’ve seen so many amazing cross stitch patterns that inspired me to try something a little different from my usual subversive sass. I’d seen lots of personalised family art work (Thegoodthingthings does really cool custom family portraits and character art from films) so I thought i’d give it a bash.

stitched-em-and-tomBefore, when I’ve designed my own cross stitch it planned it all out meticulously, but for this one I just did a brief sketch and made any amends on the actual cross stitch. It was really fun just to try out different textures and patterns (hair is hard).

My family is pretty small, so I thought i’d include the things that take up most of our time *cough cough stop playing games Tom*. This is obviously completely atomically accurate, I am indeed 8 stitches wide. I’d love to tell you how to do it, but that kind of defeats the point of the whole individual/personal thing. Just give it a go, with your trusty unpicker next to you. It’s only crosses!


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