Whale of a knit

I haven’t been crafting much recently, eating all my Easter chocolate has been a big time investment. But now I’m back with a splash (get it?! hilarious pun because it’s a whale).

This pattern was part of a kit I got from my Simply Knitting subscription. It’s by the Brilliant Louise Walker, she designs very cool faux taxidermy and mythical creature patterns. I realllly like her designs, because everyone needs a fake, knitted dead fox scarf to drape around them.

The kit came with 2 other patterns, a starfish and a octopus, which I will hopefully make at some point but I choose the Whale initially. Anyone who knows me/has spoken to me in the past 2 years will know that i’m obsessed with the documentary Blackfish. It’s a really interesting, sad story and every time I watch it (which is a lot – sorry Tom) I just can’t get over 1.) how massive they are and 2.) how beautifully they move through the water.

So I’ve made my very own Tillikum. Except he’s definitely not an Orca, he actually looks more like Dory’s Whale friend in Finding Dory but never mind. This is the first time I’ve knitted a stuffed toy, it was a bit fiddly in parts but really simple overall. It’s made in 3 parts, the top of the body, the bottom of the body and the two little fins. There was lots of increasing and decreasing stitches but apart from that it was just plain knitting and purling.

I found some of the abbreviations in the pattern a little hard to understand (cue frantic googling) but I got there in the end. The eye studs came with the kit and I felt like a big red, embroidery thread smile couldn’t hurt either The pattern says to sew everything together using mattress stitch with some spare yarn but I find mattress stitch a right old faff and yarn too chunky to work with. So it was blue embroidery thread and regular stitching for me.

If your a fan of little-blue-whale-fake-Tillikum I would definitely recommend checking out some of Louise’s patterns. Knitting doesn’t get much cuter.


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