Seems there’s nothing you can’t make out of felt

It’s been a dramatic year for me with clocks. First my childhood Minnie clock, that I’ve managed to cart round every house I’ve ever lived in, gives up on me. And then I managed to fall in love with a beautiful gold number from Tiger, only to get it home and realise it was backwards. I’m not joking, a fully backwards clock. Why would you do that to someone Tiger?!

So I decided to make my own. I got the pattern shapes from my wonderful The Makery book (best fiver I’ve ever spent) and the clock mechanism from Amazon (another fiver). The hard back is from the chipboard backing of a cheap clip photo frame. I traced round the pattern piece and managed to cut it out using big kitchen scissors. I then cut out another house shape in some scrap fabric to cover the board so I wouldn’t have to stick the fabric directly to it.

The Makery book also came with pattern pieces for leaves and a teeeeeeeeny tiny bird, so I got snipping. The best part was doing embroidery on the main felt house piece. The number markers are little french knots, the clock face outline is just a simple running stitch and i’m not sure what the flower stitch is called but I got the pattern from my Gran’s Complete Guide to Needle Work which is ridiculously beautiful, old and chocca full of stitches.

The rest of the construction was done with double sided tape, technical I know, but it seems to be holding up pretty well. Fitting the clock face was the hardest part, it just did not want to work through all of the layers. It actually completely died for about half an hour (prompting me to declare it the worst fiver I’ve ever spent) but then I managed to get it working by pushing the hands round to kick start the mechanism (or something. I probably just have life giving hands). I also had to give the hands a bit of a snip because they were much to long for my little clock face.

The two dangly bits (proper term i’m sure) were made from some spare decoration I had lying around but you could use anything. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I only almost cried once which is a success in my book. Now maybe I can finally get that ridiculous backwards clock out of my bedroom.

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